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When you don’t know what’s next

Posted on Nov 18, 2014 in My life perspective, Spiritual practice, Tarot

Not knowing

Cocoon by Cedar Lee

As I’ve now adjusted to life within four walls again, I find myself feeling uncertain about what comes next. While I was on the move, I always had something or somewhere to aim for, my next destination was very clearly and obviously ahead. Now, I feel that things should be noticeably different, should have moved on from the last time I was stationed in one place, but how does that look exactly?

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A Samhain spark

Posted on Oct 31, 2014 in My life perspective, Spiritual practice

Samhain sparkMy Grandad was Irish and I live in Wales, so the mystical Celtic culture has always drawn me to its fire-bright hearth. I like to mark the Celtic wheel of the year, and to apply to those ancient festivals the spiritual wisdom that I’ve gained in my modern lifetime.

Samhain (31st October) is my favourite festival, being the Celtic New Year.

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A time to plant…..

Posted on Oct 20, 2014 in My life perspective, Spiritual practice

The dragonfly dance of transformationA lot can change in a matter of weeks. We returned home to mid Wales at the end of September, after a year of travelling the UK, with the intention of preparing for another year venturing into Europe. Instead, I found myself responding to the inward pull of the Autumn Equinox by longing to stay put, find a cosy nest to snuggle into for the winter, and allow all those fantastic energies collected on my sacred site visits (see my Sacred Site Transmissions page) to swirl, percolate, and settle within me.

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An abundance of small things

Posted on Sep 1, 2014 in My life perspective

small space livingSince The Secret hit bookshelves and then screens, many have believed that you’re only abundant if you have attracted to yourself¬†everything you’ve ever wanted in terms of success, money and “things”¬†– in other words abundance is a financial issue. I know that isn’t all the book and DVD are saying, and the basic message is positive if you back it up with some good old action-taking, but people seem to have adopted it in that fashion.

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The triple heart of spirituality

Posted on Aug 11, 2014 in Chakras, My life perspective, Spiritual practice

Triple (threefold) flameSpirituality has nothing to do with religion, and sadly religion has often gone a long way towards giving spirituality a bad name. True spirituality has no need of a label, in fact it defies any attempt to label it because it champions the freedom of the soul to express its true essence, and the ways to do that are as many and as unique as we are! True freedom means that you respect another’s choice to walk a different spiritual path from yours, knowing that all paths ultimately lead to a common truth. Across all belief systems, despite the apparent surface differences, three underlying values are consistently honoured and worked towards: wisdom, love, and power.

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